Maple propeller. Inspiring men.

Small things can inspire men for great endeavors. More than a hundred years ago The Wright brothers used the principle of the maple seed fall to design their propeller which was the first successful attempt at flight by man. At Maple Propeller, we believe that well made stylish menswear and accessories can inspire men to...change the world. Or at least… feel better and live more interesting life!

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My name is Gediminas, together with my wife Milda, we run Maple propeller. We design and make men’s apparel and accessories. We live and work in Kaunas, Lithuania (Europe)

We both were born into the families which were self-taught and professional tailors for several generations. Milda’s father has been a sewing and knitting machine engineer who together with his wife started a sewing manufacture 25 years ago and this is where Maple propeller garments are made today.

For the last couple of years I was wearing only the trousers that were made according to my and Milda’s design . So when in December 2013 a friend invited to participate in a Christmas charity fair with all things handmade, the idea of Maple propeller was born and came to being. From my own experience I knew that to find smart casual stylish pants made of quality fabrics yet affordable was really difficult, even online, so we decide to address this niche.

Maple propeller garments can be described as a smart style, great colors, fabrics and interesting details. The main idea behind Maple propeller brand is that small things can inspire men for great endeavors, so we do strive to create that “something” that could attract attention and give new feelings, thoughts and experiences for our clients.

Just after launching our first collection of trousers, we realized we need high quality colorful and powerful socks for men to complement our trousers! Thus, the new product line was born and we currently offer 5 different colorful and powerful sock designs.

Our inspirations come from observing the world around us – colors, nature, people, art works, new places when travelling. They start to take shape when we visit our fabric suppliers and see new fabrics that arrive. We use quality wool, cotton, silk blends with no or only small amount of synthetics. The most important question we ask ourselves when choosing a fabric is – would I want to wear that?

We hope you will enjoy wearing Maple propeller pants & socks as much as we enjoyed creating them. There is much imagination, craft and positive energy we include into every detail!

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